Tuesday, April 13, 2010

The Last Song

Well, yesterday instead of studying like a good student, I decided to give in and go see The Last Song with Miley Cyrus and Greg Kinnear. I do not even know where to start on this movie. I had mixed feelings throughout the entire movie. I wanted to like it so badly because I love cheesy Nicolas Sparks books and usually the movies as well. This one, however, was really slow throughout the entire movie. I think this one would be better left as a book.

OK now to talk about the "acting." Ha! Miley Cyrus is probably the worst actress I've ever seen. She already has pouty lips, but she perks them out even more to look sad or upset. She had two emotions throughout the entire movie: angry and really happy. When she had to muster up some tears, she couldn't really so she just squinted her eyes some and made a pouty face. When the guy who likes her character wants to go on a date she goes from chewing him out to smiling ear to ear. Also their "love" goes from her hating him to her loving him in 2 seconds. Their whole love story, to me, was very unbelievable because basically the whole time you see them together they are usually making out. The lead guy, Liam Hemsworth who is actually Australian, goes in and out of his accent. He must have taken acting lessons from Channing Tatum because they act the exact same, and even have the same mannerisms. They should really play brothers in a movie together, or maybe I should just be a casting director. ;)

Now besides the two main actors, the rest of the cast was really good. Greg Kinnear, in my opinion, always does an amazing job. This role was very good for him. I thought he made the movie 10 times better just by being in it. Next, the little boy who plays the brother to Miley, Bobby Coleman was wonderful. He has a few crying scenes, and the tears just flow from his face as if these things are really happening to him. I am amazed how actors, especially young ones, just turn on and off the waterworks. He is also the little boy in Must Love Dogs, and Martian Child, if anyone was wondering.

So if you like the cheesy Nicolas Sparks books/movies, like I do, then you will probably like this movie somewhat. It is a good story, just some of the actors should have gone to other people.



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