Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Temple Grandin

This is an HBO film about the life of Temple Grandin, and stars Claire Danes. It goes from her childhood into Temple's adulthood in around 1981. Temple is an autistic woman growing up in the 60s, who is different from everyone around her. This is a time when no one really knew what autism was and blamed the mother for their child being that way. Temple's mother does everything she can to help her to be a better and more social person, despite her being autistic. Temple has a unique gift: she has a photograpic memory. This helps her "think like a cow." She ends up inventing several things for cows that completely changes the agricultural business. Even though Temple is Autistic she doesn't let it hold her back. She even went on to get her doctorate in biology and animal science.

This movie really shows how much Temple went through just to do something she loves. Claire Danes does an amazing job as Temple. If you look up interviews of the real Temple and then watch Claire Danes, she acts and talksjust like Temple. I believe that if this movie would have been in theaters instead of on HBO, Claire Danes would have been nominated for a Golden Globe or Oscar. If you are at interested in seeing a movie dealing with the issue of Autism, want to see a good biography, or just want to see a good movie, then you should check it out on HBO, or when it comes out on DVD in August.


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